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Sharkstopper Personal Shark RepellentsPersonal Repellent

Sharkstopper’s personal repellent is an exciting product that will reach a large percentage of people that attend beaches where sharks are present. This product will protect swimmers, surfers, watercraft users, military, coast guard and law enforcement agencies.
Diver Repellent

Scuba Diver Shark Repellents Sharkstopper has expanded upon the technology of its personal device repellent and is producing a repellent for divers. The diving repellent will be made of high quality materials to withstand deep-water depths.

This device will protect recreational divers as well as commercial divers. Commercial divers are employed by law enforcement, coast guard, military agencies, ship inspection, maintenance and repair. In addition, commercial divers are employed for offshore oil platform construction and maintenance.

Watercraft Shark RepellentsWatercraft Repellent

Sharkstopper has finished its final prototype for the watercraft repellent. This device can be placed anywhere on a boat, with the logical place being on the back of the boat. The device has three underwater speakers attached to it. Speakers would be placed in the water on each side of the watercraft and one on the back. This placement ensures three hundred and sixty degrees of protection.

The market for the watercraft repellent includes all types of pleasure and commercial watercraft. This device will enhance the safety of the military, coast guard and law enforcement agencies of the world..

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Scuba Diver Shark Repellents
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